It doesn’t matter where you go exactly, the world is always waiting to embrace you in it’s arms and educate you about life. All you got to do is awaken the inner lust for adventure that lies deep within you. Pack your bags and embark on an epic journey that will truly broaden your perceptions.

Here are 11 points that we have learnt while on the road, which every traveler will be able to relate it too.


1) Learning to stay out of comfort zone

Exploring Dzukou Valley

Living outside comfort zone is where travelers thrive. The act of leaving your comfy bed, abandoning your daily routine, adapting to new surroundings, befriending strangers and immersing yourself in a new culture are all part of leaving that restrictive comfort zone that we call home. Learning to become comfortable in uncertain situations is a skill that will help you achieve whatever you want. When travels push you to the edge of chaos, you’ll learn to endure it and embrace the challenges. This is what makes our mind a little more open and our heart a little more full.


2) Learning to trust our instincts and the universe

At the edge of the world

Should I trust the taxi driver? Should I hang out with the traveler I just met? Should I visit the place suggested by that stranger?  Sometimes, knowing yourself, surrendering to the universe for signs and sticking to your principles pays off. Guts or instinct is something we’ve learned to acquire and hone through traveling. When you are in a foreign country where there is little familiarity and especially when you are alone, you tend to focus and listen to your antennae even more for guidance. You know you have no other choice but to trust your feeling of things. You have no safety net but yourself which helps you sharpen your instincts. Trust happens, because there is no one else. And that’s what leads us to connect to our self and listen to our inner soul even harder.


3) The world is not as bad as it seems to be


We have all been put up by media of how terrible the world is out there, only to create fear in our minds and lack of trust on other human beings. Well it’s good to be aware of the surroundings but it’s only when you take the courage to step out and meet new people from different cultures, you realize that the world is really not as bad as it seems to be. There is love and kindness everywhere only if we keep behind our notions, keep our minds open and hearts more welcoming. This not only broadens our perspective but also teaches us to connect and trust people.


4) To be more appreciative


We tend to so easily forget the basic luxuries we have in our lives. But when we return from a trip abroad, we are far more appreciative of our home, our near and dear ones, home-cooked food and a lot more which we generally take for granted. Regardless of whether you are on a month extended vacation or a weekend escape, you will feel so revived when you get back home. And the cozy bed is surely a blessing in disguise. We should all lose these daily luxuries for a short time, to be reminded that we shouldn’t complain as much, but appreciate more what we do have in life. It’s only when we lose what we had, that we truly come to appreciate it.


5) It’s okay to not have any plans and get lost sometimes

Backpacking Europe

As rigid as your travel itinerary may be, but sometimes your travelling schedule may not let you go according to plan. Cribbing over things that are not under your control will not only ruin your mood but also stop you from enjoying what’s already in store for you. That’s why we’ve learnt to embrace spontaneity when we travel. You never know what’s going to crop up and where it’s going to lead us so it’s always good to just forget about the plan and go with the flow. We already have enough rules to follow in our regular life so why not explore our impulsive side and let the journey guide us. Impromptu detours sometimes turn out to be a traveler’s greatest friend. Instead of making a strict plan, just drift and see where it takes you and you never know you may end up having the best adventure of life!


6) Experiences over materialistic things

Road Trips

A new car, a new house, or anything flamboyant is something we are always running behind for happiness. Actually, we humans need very little to find happiness in life. That’s a life lesson we have learnt from travel. When you have to pack so lightly and bring only the basic essentials, you rely more on experiences for pleasure. Sleeping in rundown home stays, guest houses, campsites and hostels is something you learn to live with. The joy of travel comes from the experiences you encounter, not the possessions you bring with you. This is when you start to realize that all the things you required back home aren’t needed anymore.


7) Travel Boosts Confidence

Hitch hiking

We all travelers wander the globe for all sort of reasons, but what we all share in common is that we are venturing into the unknown. We are driven to change ourselves and grow by overcoming the challenges which are bound to arise by visiting unfamiliar lands and meeting strangers. The reward for triumphing over obstacles that the world throws your way generates a greater sense of confidence in your way of dealing with situations, one which is difficult to acquire in any other way.  The capacity to make decisions increases, and with it, ability to tackle new challenges. While it might be scary at first, traveling inevitably helps one grow into more confident individuals.


8) Teaches one to be more independent and responsible

Umngot river in Dawki - Cleanest rivers in North East

When you are traveling by yourself or especially traveling solo you have no option but to rely on yourself. You tend to make your own decisions of what activity to do, which place to visit and what adventures to embark on. You also have certain budgets before traveling. Meeting your financial obligations is never quite easy, but learning how to do it on the road makes us more responsible.  Moreover taking care of your own safety, own belongings, is something that comes naturally while traveling and makes us more vigilant in the process. When you are away from home, you are completely on your own. Knowing that you are able to solve problems independently is an invaluable life lesson in itself.


9) Make lifelong like-minded friends

Group Travel

If you’re traveling alone, you’ll be desperate for human interaction. And guess what? Every other traveler is too! You tend to not be confined in your shell but more welcoming towards strangers you meet no matter how introvert you are. You’ll find it extremely rare to come across another traveler who isn’t eager to hear your story, where you’ve been, for how long, and your experiences and suggestions. And you’ll realize you are never alone! There will always be someone wanting to tag along for an activity or just hang out in some cafe. Isn’t it cool to build a global network while traveling and having friends from around the planet, where you’re all bonded by one common trait: love for adventure and new experiences! This is definitely our favorite part about traveling.


10) Widens your perspective and knowledge

Maps for planning out trips

Travel presents unlimited opportunities to learn along the way of not only the destination but also a lot about our own selves as individuals and our lives. A favorite saying of ours is “When you’re green you’re growing and when you’re ripe you’re rotten.”  Many people travel for the sole purpose of personal growth. But you should also know that travel isn’t all glory…there are ups and downs to it just like everything else in the world. What feels like the edge of your mental and physical limits is where things get interesting and where travels become a teacher. You are going to deal with challenges along the way, but that’s part of the whole experience. Doesn’t all personal growth surface from personal challenge?


11) Overcoming Fear of Unknown

Cliff Jumping

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear. And the oldest and strongest kind of fear is the fear of unknown. And that’s what backpacking into the unknown lands teaches you – overcoming fear. Where each day is a surprise. Where today you might be sipping tea and watching a beautiful sunset and tomorrow stranded and struggling to get a hitchhike. But each passing day of the journey teaches you to trust and embrace the unknown, as you begin to realize whatever happened and whatever lies ahead is going to work out the best for you!

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